Welcome to Wakelyns

Welcome to Wakelyns, one of the longest-established and most diverse Agroforestry sites in the UK as we evolve into a new phase.

An oasis

Wakelyns is an oasis within the Suffolk countryside, surrounded by huge fields growing monoculture crops, mostly for animal feed and overwhelmingly dependent on agricultural chemicals.

We enjoy standing out.

We are about farm, food, people, environment and much more. All centred around our core business: Organic Agroforestry farming.

Here’s how it all started. Wakelyns has featured in the news. These are our recent newsletters. And this is some of what we have in progress right now:

Upcoming at Wakelyns

Oxford Real Farming Conference 'In the Field', Bird Walks, Tree Walks, Mead Making, Agroforestry,  "The People's Loaf", "Field to Loaf", Willow Weaving, Spoon Carving, Woad Club, Sourdough Baking, Hedgerow Dyeing, Farm Fibre, Wreath Making, Community Supported Harvesting, Apple Day. And more to come.

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Wakelyns is distinguished by the system of alleys and hedges that have been established over the past 25 years making it one of the oldest and most diverse organic agroforestry sites in the UK.

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Our trees

In the tree rows are nearly 50 varieties of apples, pears, quinces, cherries, walnuts, hazelnuts, along with trees for timber and coppiced willow and hazel for thatching and biomass fuel.

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