Welcome to Natural Habitat

Wakelyns is delighted to welcome Natural Habitat, a local environmental NGO. Not quite an ‘enterprise’, in the way of our other stacked enterprises, but definitely a partner project and collaborator which we will be delighted to host.

They will shortly be taking over content management for this micro-site but, for now:

Natural Habitat’s Director says:

We are a new environmental education charity that uses a creative and collaborative approach to improve access to learning from land, while supporting biodiversity, conservation and sustainable land-use.  

Our work currently engages schools and refugee organisations with the local landscape, collaborating with foragers, ecologists, chefs, filmmakers, farmers and diverse artists to support understanding and connection.

Over the coming months, our director Carrie, is going to be spending time at Wakelyns, developing this work further and creating new ideas for sharing the wealth of knowledge and skill within the site, with more people. We are very excited for the new partnership and can’t wait to see where things develop.