Welcome to The Contemporary Hempery

We are Claire and Kitty – The Contemporary Hempery.

Fully equipped with our Home Office licence, we are growing hemp here at Wakelyns in 2023.

Join us at Wakelyns for our Hemp Harvest Retreat 18-20 August 2023

What do we want?

UK grown and produced regenerative hemp fabric

When do we want it?

Yesterday! which is when we had it… 

Working together as Contemporary Hempery Claire O’Sullivan and Kitty Wilson Brown are on a quest to revive the UK hemp weaving industry, restore this incredible plant fibre to its rightful place in every considered wardrobe and bring back the mighty Cannabis Sativa to cultivation across the UK. 

The use of hemp fibre for fabric in our country can be traced back to the early medieval period when Anglo Saxons wove Hempenspun for their clothes.  Since that time the plant was in continuous cultivation.  Yes, for more than a thousand years we grew our own clothes right here, until the final death knell killed the tradition in 1925. Back then no one cared about regenerative crops, we hadn’t yet degenerated our soils with chemicals, but today the fact hemp requires no fertiliser, no herbicide, no pesticide and no irrigation is huge part of its appeal.