Wakelyns Agroforestry – Resilience through diversity

Wakelyns has a long association with the team from the Organic Research Centre some of whom were based at Wakelyns for several years. Together with Martin Wolfe, they undertook groundbreaking research across a range of issues related to organic agroforestry at Wakelyns.

Renewing our ORC Collaboration

We are delighted to be renewing our collaboration with ORC. For more on that, see here.

Building on what came before

Jo Smith and Sally Westaway from the ORC have put together this fantastic booklet describing some of that work and its conclusions. As well as some great photos, it is a really accessible account of some great science and much of the background to what we hope to carry forward at Wakelyns.

To download a pdf version of the booklet in high resolution (longer to download) click here.

For a low resolution (quicker to download but not as beautiful) click here.

Below is the booklet spreads in the Scribd viewer. Click on the ‘full screen’ button in the bottom right hand corner to read it properly.