Environmental Surveys

We thought it would be useful to bring together in one place the various environmental surveys which have been done of Wakelyns, or parts of it.

Suffolk Wildlife Trust survey for new ponds 2022

Suffolk Wildlife Trust Bird Wakelyns

Breeding Survey 2020 (full)

Suffolk Wildlife Trust Bird Breeding Survey 2020 (overview)

Suffolk Wildlife Trust Wakelyns Pond Report (2020)

RSPB Turtle Dove Wakelyns Habitat Survey 2020

RSPB Species List 2020

ORC Bird Survey 2021

People ask whether we have comparable surveys from when Ann & Martin Wolfe started the organic agroforestry in 1994. Sadly we don’t. But you can look out beyond our hedges and look at the enormous open fields around us, with no hedges any other biodiversity (as Wakelyns essentially was back in 1994), and make your own comparison of where things are now.