Enterprise Stacking

We have lots of people coming to Wakelyns as volunteers or to help run courses or events.

We also have options for people who want to base themselves here as one of our “stacked enterprises”. On this page is more information about our enterprise stacking, and an invitation for more people to join us and be based here.

The Wolfe family own Wakelyns and undertake the underlying management and farming here – the tree lines, alleys of wheat, lentils and so on – have a look at the entries under the “what we grow” pull down menus. We also run the farmhouse and ley alley pods (available as visitor accommodation) and host NGO retreats.

We then also host a number of “stacked enterprises” (some people prefer the term “collaborative enterprises”. They are each separate businesses to us, each independently run and owned by the people involved. They each have a “microsite” within this overall web site. Have a look at the menu entries under the “home” tab on our main menu or at the panels down the right hand column of this web site.

Each of them is in some way involved in activities connected to the place of Wakelyns, whether that is growing here, or using what grows here for crafts or for cooking/baking, or celebrating or supporting the abundant nature here at Wakelyns.

Some use space in our farm buildings, some use areas of our land, some use both. Each of them has a contract (an agreement) with us which specifies what they do and what we do.

None of them pay us rent in an ordinary financial way – each is different.

Some of them live on site in a way contemplated by our planning permission (which allows for 6 accommodation units for long term “rural workers” as well as caravans for seasonal agricultural or forestry workers) – we got that planning permission specifically to allow us to support the people working here with low cost accommodation options.

All of them have signed up to act in accordance with our statement of “commitments and values”. As you will see that means that, while we are all separate businesses, we act collaboratively so as to provide mutual support, share resources and so on.

Each operates under an enterprise agreement (a licence) with us which set out the basis on which they do things at Wakelyns. People working in enterprises who also live at Wakelyns as seasonal workers or as long term rural workers do so under an accommodation licence which explains the basis on which that happens.

We at Wakelyns have capacity for more “stacked enterprises” including with more options for people needing space in buildings or for doing things involving the land or nature (including growing), or using/enjoying the things that grow and live here; and more options for people doing those things while living here as “rural workers”.

If you might be interested in that opportunity then get in touch for a chat. Your enterprise need not be full time (leaving you time to do other work) but it would need to be somehow connected to Wakelyns as a place (we are not here simply to provide premises to businesses with no connection to the food, farming or environment here at Wakelyns); and your project would need to fit in alongside (and not undermine) any of the enterprises or activities already based here.

Contact david@wakelyns.co.uk for more information or to discuss your ideas.