Community Liaison Group & Issues Log

Every 3 months we meet with representatives of the three local Parish Councils (Fressingfield, Metfield and Mendham), our District Councillor and a representative of Mid Suffolk District Council to share information about how things related to our planning permission are going at Wakelyns. It’s a great way of keeping in touch.

Here are the agendas/notes from the meetings so far:

7 April 2022 Agenda

4 July 2022 Agenda including notes from 7 April meeting

10 October 2022 Agenda including notes from 4 July 2022 meeting

4 January 2023 Agenda including notes from 10 October 2022 meeting

3 April 2023 Agenda including notes from 4 January 2023 meeting

6 July 2023 Agenda including notes from 3 April 2023 meeting

9 October 2023 Agenda including notes from 6 July 2023 meeting

If you want to put anything on the agenda for a meeting, please email us directly; or email our District Councillor Lavinia Hadingham, Di Warne, Chair of Fressingfield Parish Council, Peter Mortimer, Chair of Metfield Parish Council or Denis Pye Chair of Mendham Parish Council (yes, Wakelyns is in both Fressingfield and Metfield and buts up to Mendham so we are blessed with plenty of local political interest!).

We also keep an ‘issues log’ of all matters which are raised with us, whether or not they relate to planning permission issues here. New items on the log are discussed at each Liaison Group meeting.

Separately from the planning permission we also of course have a Caravan Site Licence from Mid Suffolk District Council in relation to our Ley Alley Pods and our rural worker caravans; the EHO visits from time to time to inspect the caravans and also of course (for food safety etc) the Wakelyns Bakery.