Henrietta is growing half a bed of special pumpkins alongside the squash between tree lines 42 and 43:

Hen says:

“On the far right of the alley in the bed to the right of the RealVeg alleys, we have our Gleisdorfer pumkpins – an Austrian variety, specifically grown for their oily green seeds rather than flesh – , red sunflowers, caraway and culinary poppies, planted on Monday.

This is an experimental, first-time bed for trying to grow seeds for our bread in the bakery.

Currently, the majority of ingredients seeds are grown abroad, most with a lot of chemical inputs.

We would like to try to localise more of our seed growing, and have more delicious seeds in our bread and other food. To do that, we need to think, as a community, about the processing equipment or hands also – harvesting, taking out the seeds from the pumpkin flesh, drying them… we will cross these exciting hurdles when we get to them! Come and help us if you would like.