Commitments and Values

The people based at Wakelyns have ‘signed up’ to these commitments and values:

  • Wakelyns aims to be a welcoming and friendly place.
  • We aim to have fun and give pleasure to others visiting or working at Wakelyns.
  • We enjoy sharing our ideas and showing others what we do at Wakelyns.
  • We will generally encourage people to visit, stay at, and enjoy Wakelyns and the activities taking place at Wakelyns.
  • We will aim to inspire and encourage future generations of farmers, growers, millers, bakers, plant breeders and those committed to the health of our planet and our food and energy systems.
  • Wakelyns is underpinned by a commitment to agro-ecological farming and growing, and to localised and short food-chain supply approaches.
  • While each of us will be pursuing our own enterprise or actitivity, with its own particular priorities, we do so within the overall group of people and groups based at Wakelyns.
  • We will act collaboratively, supportively (and in discussion with others based at Wakelyns where relevant), and so as not to harm what others are doing at Wakelyns.
  • Our shared values include transparency and openness, equality, diversity, innovation, education, community, internationalism and sustainability, as well as the protection and regeneration of the human and natural environment.
  • Everything at Wakelyns must be done consistently with, and in accordance with, Wakelyns’ organic certification and any other relevant legal requirements.
  • We will do our best to act safely at all times and not do anything which damages or harms any aspect of Wakelyns (including the organic agroforestry undertaken by Wakelyns itself), or the other people and groups based at or visiting Wakelyns.
  • We will keep tidy, clean and attractive those areas of Wakelyns reserved to us, and not harm or modify (unless with permission) the condition or appearance of other areas or any equipment or items belonging to Wakelyns or anyone else at Wakelyns.
  • We will not waste electricity, water, firewood and other similar resources. We will aim to reduce our use of non-renewable and climate-change inducing resources.
  • While we enjoy the sharing of ideas and vigorous debate, we will not generally impose our views on others at Wakelyns and we will respect their privacy.
  • We are not all vegetarian or vegan, but we respect those who are.