North Field

North field alleys are 15 metres wide.

The tree lines are apples, plums and walnut trees.

In Spring 2023 we planted vines in the tree lines – see here. The idea is to make use of the gaps in the tree lines between the trees (which are currently unused) for up to 1000 vine plants. Maybe soon a Wakelyns wine or two?

Alleys between 12 and 14 have now been drilled with winter wheat including the YQ population wheat, conceived here at Wakelyns by Martin Wolfe and the Organic Research Centre. The YQ has been grown at Wakelyns since about 2003. We are trying some fun new stuff with the YQ in 2023 – as here.

You will see these growing in this field from East to West (look at the QR boards) beyond the alleys which are in their fertility ley building phase:

Come on a Wakelyns Tree Walk to learn more about the trees and how we manage them at Wakelyns. Also download a copy of our “Woodland Management Plan” here.