Stay in a Wakelyns Ley Alley Pod

On 10 November the Planning Committee at Mid Suffolk District Council gave us the green light for our Ley Alley Pods. Our booking system will be launched properly soon.

Within our Ley Alleys we have 6 pods for people who want to come and spend time enjoying the pleasures of Wakelyns while taking part in courses, events or other activities on site.

Each pod is configured with double bed bunks making them spacious for 2 people, and also good for 4 people. Each has an en-suite toilet, hot and cold water, a hob and a fridge. And plenty of insulation and heating makes them cosy in all weathers (we’ve tried it!).

We designed and built the pods so that they would be located in those alleys which, in any particular year, are not being used for crops – the one which are ‘ley’ within the organic rotation. So the pods move each year with the organic rotation and, even within the year, they move within those alleys. That way they do not impact on our farming at all – they are completely additive to the farming. We have not turned farmland into ‘glamping’ or anything like that. We are making better use of the land.

During 2020, with help from Jeremy and Pedro we built a prototype pod (black), then a first production pod (yellow), then four more (purple, grey, blue, green).

As you can see, each is fully insulated and weatherproof. Built on a 3.6m X 2.4m footprint, they stand on stilts which allows us (using the special hydraulic trailer built here by Paul and Mark) easily to move them around behind a tractor.

The pods will live in the agroforestry alleys between tree lines 38-56, moving around in whichever alleys are in ‘organic ley’ in any given year so that they do not impact at all on our farming. The easily mobility means that we can configure them on a solo basis, or group them for family or friendship groups who want to be together.

There is nothing better than waking up in the midst of the lovely Wakelyns agroforestry alleys. At the right times of the year you could literally lean out of the window to fresh pick your breakfast apples, cherries, plums or pears, straight from the trees! And if you’re lucky you’ll see deer, hares, badgers, turtle doves and other wildlife right near your pod.

All the pods have electricity (for LED lighting and plenty of 13A sockets), heating for the winter (they are lovely and cosey), hot and cold water (for the sink), a mini-fridge and an en-suite toilet.

An electric hob and oven makes them self-contained for basic meals. In the summer, a fire bowl allows for lovely BBQ style living.

Each is configured with double bed bunks (allowing for 2 guests and lots of storage, or 4 guests) with lovely “Eve” mattresses. The beds can be removed for additional flexibility.

Pods are available to book throughout the year.