Welcome to Wakelyns Organic Lamb

From early May 2024, Rosie Howes will be basing her flock of sheep at Wakelyns.

The sheep will be grazed as part of the Wakelyns organic rotation. An electric fence will keep them within one or maybe two alleys within the agroforestry, moving – as needed – between the alleys in fertility building ley phase of the rotation.

The sheep breed is “Easycare” which is a wool shedding breed with lots of special features:

  • No Shearing
  • Fewer Cast Ewes
  • No Tail Mutilation
  • Less energy diverted (feed) into wool production
  • Lower labour requirements
  • Easy cares are natural mothers with plenty of milk
  • They usually scan from 165% to 195% depending on grass availability and the time of year they are mated
  • Mature weights of 60 to 65kg
  • Easy lambing
  • Bred for worm resistance
  • Selected for sound feet and teeth so that they last

Here’s a picture of Rosie’s first 25 sheep when they arrived with Rosie in March 2024 for their pre-Wakelyns period:

From autumn 2024, Rosie will be selling Wakelyns Organic Lamb. Watch this space!