Wakelyns Textiles

Kitty is a textile artist, weaver and Co-founder of Contemporary Hempery. She graduated in 2021, with a BA in Textile Design specialising in woven textiles at Chelsea College Of Art, UAL. In her second year she was nominated and studied at Tama Arts University in Tokyo, Japan. Japan is where she learnt and became fixated with weaving.

Colour and pattern have intrigued, inspired and excited her life. She believes colour is the way we see, respond and interact with the world. Kitty Thrives with working on colour and pattern, which is consistent through her creations. She can’t get enough of the most exquisite brightest, vibrant colours and patterns. Sustainability and ethics are a crucial part of her textile work, creating slow sustainable natural or upcycled textiles. She grows her own hemp, flax and natural dye garden.

She has recently spent 5 months in Southeast Asia researching traditional textiles, Working with studios and ethnic groups. With a big focus on Hmong tribe hemp processing alongside many other natural fibres, dyes, endangered crafts such as learning Karen hill tribe backstrap weaving.

Contact Kitty via: kittywilsonbrown@outlook.com