Terms & Conditions

Members of the public are welcome on site in conjunction with a booked event or course, or when staying in the house/pods or in the context of a specific visit to one of the enterprises on site. In other circumstances our premises are not open to the public – this is not a public place.

We will treat you as having accepted these terms and conditions if you come to Wakelyns in any capacity other than as a requirement of your employment (such as in the case of a delivery driver).

But we need some rules:


  • Wakelyns is a working farm in a state of evolution and construction, not a ‘holiday camp’. That’s why you are visiting.
  • If you are attending a specific booked course or event or staying in the house/pods, you are free to wander around the outside areas of the farm but please stay away from the house/garden and the meadows to the East of the farm buildings and away from pods or caravans other than when you are staying in them. But, please stay out of all farm buildings/barns/etc other than where that is specifically part of why you are at Wakelyns.
  • People will come and go at odd hours and do stuff, including with noisy machinery. That is part of the fun.
  • Things will not always be super tidy. We often have a skip in the farmyard. That shows things are happening.
  • There are dangers – open water (some deep), brambles, nettles, ditches, farm and other machinery, trip hazards, and lots more. You have to take care. When walking around the fields, you need suitable supportive footwear. It may be wet and muddy.
  • Children are welcome along with adults, but please supervise appropriately – you are in charge and responsible for your children.
  • Dogs are fine, but they must stay on a lead and you must use poo bags.
  • Absolutely no candles or other naked flames in pods, barns, the house (other than in fire places) or any other indoor space.
  • Wakelyns is all about diversity and equality for everyone. Please act accordingly.
  • The people who live/work at Wakelyns share these values and commitments. Please understand that and behave accordingly.
  • Don’t compromise our organic agroforestry or our biodiversity and wildlife.
  • There are some security cameras. See our Privacy & GDPR Policy. Please all moderate your social media posting of other people’s personal stuff.
  • If we are feeding you, please let us know any particular dietary or allergy needs in advance. We will do our best to meet them.
  • Due respect for our neighbours.
  • Quiet after 11pm.
  • Minimise carbon footprint – Wakelyns is doing its best to sequester carbon, but your GHG emissions are not helping. Don’t forget the climate emergency.
  • We have a privacy policy.
  • We welcome feedback. If you are not happy about something at Wakelyns, please let us know and we will try to sort it out.
  • Please keep things clean and tidy including in toilets etc

Additionally, for people attending a booked event or course:

  • If you can’t get to an event you booked directly through this website, we will try to rearrange, but may not refund. For events at Wakelyns booked via an external provider’s website, please refer to their cancellation policy.
  • Please arrive promptly at the start – it’s not fair on others to delay the course for your late arrival

Additionally for people staying on site:

  • Fires – only in fireplaces and firebowls and by prior agreement and discussion.
  • Feel free to use the outdoor showers, but please try to keep them clean and don’t waste hot water.