Mead making with Thomas O’Hagan

Amanda and David had such fun and learned so much on Thomas’ course at Trill Farm that we invited him to guest at Wakelyns for 2021. Everyone’s had a great time!


Next Mead Making Workshop at Wakelyns Saturday 20 November 2021

Fermenting Honey, an Introduction to mead and mead-making – FESTIVE SEASON SPECIAL

Come join Thomas O’Hagan to learn all about turning the hard work of our noble honeybees into delicious mead or honey-wine.

After all the fun of his July event at Wakelyns, we’ve invited Thomas back to lead a Festive Mead Making special event! Winter warmers are on the menu!

This course will include fermenting honey with wild yeast, going on a tasting journey through the history and styles of mead in the British Isles and beyond, and starting off a few small batches of your own mead to take home, nurture and enjoy. We will be exploring exciting honeys, making mead cocktails and foraging ingredients to use in our meads. 

We hope that you will spend a relaxing day with us savouring delicious meads, reconnecting with this ancient tradition and leaving with all the skills needed to continue your mead journey at home.

  • Introduction to historical and modern mead-making and mead mythology in the British Isles and around the world.
  • Taste wild meads with foraged ingredients from throughout the seasons.
  • Explore different honeys and how they effect mead.
  • Mead ideas and cocktails for the festive season.
  • Learn about bees and beekeeping
  • Receive a starter kit for mead-making
  • Make your own meads to take home

The course (including lunch from the Wakelyns Bakery, and lots of opportunities to same mead as you learn to make it) costs £120.00 per person including lunch from Henrietta and her team at the Wakelyns Bakery

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