Wakelyns in the media

Right from when Ann and Martin Wolfe first established agroforestry here at Wakelyns in 1994, the project has featured in the national and regional media and TV, from Permaculture Magazine in 1996, through appearances in the Guardian in 208 and 2019, and then BBC Countryfile Magazine in 2020.

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Wakelyns Team’s Presentation at ORFC 2022: ‘Short Food Chains and Enterprise Stacking’

The Landworkers’ Alliance

The Landworkers Alliance has recently produced a major report about agroforestry in the UK. It looks at the related issues of carbon and climate because they are so integral to which direction land use takes over the next few decades. It features eight established and working examples of these new forms of agroforestry in the UK, and explores what we can learn from them, including Wakelyns (on page 10, and see also the aerial photographs on pages 4 and 5).


More locally, we had a lovely write up in “About Fram”, a local magazine focussed on what’s happening in the Framlingham area of Suffolk.

Chris Packham and Megan McCubbin came to Wakelyns in May 2021

And here again at the start of this clip

James Wong and BBC World – Feed the World

In Autumn 2020, James Wong visited with a film crew to film at Wakelyns as part of his Feed The World series for BBC World TV. The episode in question was broadcast globally the other week. Being BBC World it was not broadcast in the UK, but you can download it from their website We are in episode 5, about 13m 40s from the start. Not a long piece, but some lovely footage of Wakelyns and a great opportunity to spread the Wakelyns message.

BBC Countryfile Magazine 2020

We were delighted to feature in BBC Countryfile’s Magazine’s March 2020 roundup of “positive projects”

Another perspective

Cordelia Rowlatt from Vallis Veg kindly included a view of Wakelyns at 1m 24s into her “Business As Usual” clip:

Documentary films

In early 2020, Swedish documentary maker, Maja Lindstrom, released this great film about agroforestry, featuring extensive footage from Wakelyns and interviews with Martin Wolfe. Also available dubbed into Russian here (Wakelyns starts at 9 minutes 40 seconds in). Well worth a watch!

And if you want more, then the first film in her series, Life Within Planetary Boundaries, also features Wakelyns, click here. Maja has also recorded some lovely detailed radio interviews with Martin, available, here, here and here

The Guardian

In 2019, The Guardian told the story of YQ wheat, from its Wakelyns origins

In 2018, The Guardian wrote about agroforestry at Wakelyns

Radio 4 – On Your Farm – 1997

Here’s a lovely interview with Ann and Martin on Radio 4’s On Your Farm programme from 1997 about their early plans at Wakelyns:

Permaculture Magazine 1997

Patrick Whitefield wrote a lovely introduction in Permaculture Magazine in 1996