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Patricia Niven kindly shared the photos she took at the Anglian Agroforestry Open Weekend in May 2021

Here are some lovely pictures from our August 2020 tree walk – a great day despite the rain

It has been great to welcome Richard Allenby-Pratt from The Suffolk Project to help document life at Wakelyns

Here are some scans of some amazing archive photos loaned by the family who lived and farmed Wakelyns from 1976-1979

In October 2019, 40 friends of Wakelyns gathered at our ‘symposium’ to share thoughts about how Wakelyns could evolve in its next phase

In January 2020, 70 volunteers joined us to plant hundreds of new trees at Wakelyns, including more fruit, nut and timber in our agroforestry tree lines

Here are a collection of some of our favourite Wakelyns photos, for anyone to download and use

Bob made us lovely beds, hanging rails and a coffee table out of a mixture of Suffolk timber, including from Wakelyns itself

Lentils are a favourite crop at Wakelyns – take a look.

Here at Wakelyns we grow ‘short rotation’ willow and hazel, which are coppiced for hedging, weaving and chipped for fuel

Here are some lovely pictures of crops in the alleys between the agroforestry tree lines