Food from Wakelyns Bakery when you stay at Wakelyns

We’re so happy to provide food for guests staying at Wakelyns, in the beautiful 16th century farmhouse, and the fun, cosy and comfortable ley alley pods. During your stay you will see the food growing in the crop and tree alleys. It’s our job to cook it for you, from seed to soil to kitchen to plate, with many hands in between!

Below is a guide to the foods you can preorder from us when you come to stay.

If you are staying in the farmhouse, your food will be in the house fridge and kitchen on your arrival. If you are staying in a pod, your food will either be there, the summer kitchen and/or our shared large fridge, or we will ask you to come to pick it up from the bakery. Please wash any pyrex dishes or other serving dishes and bring them back to the bakery, or leave them in the house for us to pick up after you leave.

Please email at least a week in advance with your order or any questions you might have. We can cater for most dietary requirements but we really appreciate a good few weeks to get prepared so please let us know well in advance. Thank you so much!


Small breakfast basket – £15 (as a guide, this is for 2 people for 2 – 3 days) – our plain wholemeal YQ population wheat tin loaf; a jar of our jam, Fen Farm Dairy raw salted butter.

Large breakfast basket – £32 – (as a guide, this is for 4 people for 2 – 3 days) – everything in the small breakfast basket, plus our bakery granola, Fen Farm Dairy raw milk yoghurt, fruit-from-the-farm compote or fresh farm fruit when in season, Wakelyns apple juice 750ml bottle.

Lunches and suppers –

As with all the food we cook, these are made with produce from the agroforestry arable and tree alleys and from other agroecological farms. These meals change constantly, depending on the seasons and what we have around us. Some elements might need a final bit of cooking from you, such as heating up lentils. Some examples of these meals with costs are below –

Lunch main course, such as quiche – £12

Quiche made with wholemeal YQ population wheat pastry, filled with local milk, eggs, cream and cheese, served with a green salad or other seasonal vegetables.

Supper main course, such as lentils – £12

Wakelyns braised lentils served with local White Wood Dairy cow’s curd, Food and Forest walnuts and seasonal vegetables.

Supper main course with meat – £15

Slow cooked local mutton and barley stew with seasonal vegetables.

Add a pudding, such as a slice of Wakelyns fruit tart with Food and Forest nut frangipane and wholemeal YQ population wheat pastry – £6

Bakery shop

Here are a few more delicious and colourful foods we can provide for you during your stay, or you can take them home with you. Come to pick them up from the bakery or again, we will leave them in the house or pod for you.

As with the rest of the food we offer, we need at least a week’s notice for nearly all of the below items as they are freshly made to order or ordered from local producers. Jam and apple juice are in stock most of the time.

Wholemeal local loaves made with organic UK grains, Cornish sea salt and water – plain wholemeal tin loaf £4; plain wholemeal hearth loaf £4; wholemeal seeded loaf £5; wholemeal walnut loaf £4.80; wholemeal oaty breadcrumb loaf £4.40; wholemeal rye loaf £4.10. Please note that we need to know all bread orders by Friday for the following week of baking.

We have a selection of jams and chutneys made with organic fruit, vegetables and other produce from Wakelyns and beyond the farm gate – 450g jar £6.

Wakelyns organic apple juice750ml bottle £5.50

Wakelyns organic fruit, when in season – 1kg £3

Bakery granola, with Wakelyns organic fruit puree, Hodmedod’s grains and seeds, and Food and Forest nuts – 450g £6.50

Bakery biscuits – 220/250g £6 (please email to ask what we have in stock)

Agroforestry cake, with Wakelyns organic apple puree and dried fruits such as our prunes, nuts, seeds and oats – serves 8 – 12 – £20

Agroforestry tart, with organic fruit from the tree lines, Food and Forest nut frangipane and wholemeal YQ population wheat pastry, or other diverse grain pastry – serves 8 – 12 – £30

Quiche serves 8 – 12 £50

Fen Farm Dairy raw salted butter – 200g £5.50

Fen Farm Dairy raw milk Skyr yoghurt – 400g £3

During your stay, do come to say ‘hello’!