Welcome to Wakelyns Bakery

Our mission is to create delicous food for our community with the beautiful abundance blossoming around us

We bake, cook and create at our bakery at Wakelyns Organic Agroforestry farm. We are inspired by the diverse and abundant food grown around us in this crop and tree alley farming system, such as the YQ population wheat and the huge variety of fruits, and make use of it in all of our baking and cooking. All of our other ingredients are directly sourced from farms who also care about Earth health.

Through cooking with what is around, we want to tell the story of the land and those who work it; and raise awareness about agroecological, real food and farming methods and the importance of local food communities in the face of our current climate, economic and social crises.

At the same time, we know that this is the most healthful, nourishing and joyful way for all of us to eat. So come and join us at one of our courses, at an event at Wakelyns, try our wholegrain bread and be part of our delicious, real food revolution! We can’t wait to eat with you!

If you want to read more about who we are, what we do and why on our respective pages and here. Sign up to our Diversityt Bread Club to receive our bread or contact us if you want to learn more and arrange a visit. We really look forward to meeting you and cooking for you!

Who we are

Just like knowing the place and land where our food comes from and the people who grow it, we believe that giving an identity to those who cook it is of equal importance, bringing more real human connections into the food chain and creating stronger and happier communities.



We use a subscription model to sell our bread so you can pay in advance, guaranteeing that you get four weeks’ worth of flavourful and nourishing bread, one loaf a week.



Come and bake, cook and learn with us! There will be ice cream, YQ cherry pies, beautiful bread and more! Click here for this year's courses so far.