Martin Wolfe

Martin Wolfe (1937-2019)

After graduating from Reading University and then a PhD in Cambridge, Martin Wolfe spent nearly 40 years working as a publicly funded plant pathologist in the UK (at the PBI in Cambridge) and then Switzerland (at the ETH in Zurich).

However, his innovative farming methods and the solid base of academic and practical research from that career largely in mainstream plant pathology came to fruition at Wakelyns during his “retirement” from 1997 in which he worked with natural processes rather than against them and, in doing so inspired what might be considered a “movement” of agriculture and food practitioners.

His work is recognised in the many tributes that have been paid since his death in 2019.

And of course Martin was always full of surprises, carrying on a lifetime of publishing scientific papers even after his death.

If you come across other accounts that we can share, please let us know.

And here are some of Martin’s notes and presentations about agro-forestry: