Bird Walks at Wakelyns

It’s great that Suffolk Wildlife Trust and the RSPB have taken an interest in what’s going on at Wakelyns including doing bird surveys. And we are particularly excited by our annual turtle dove community (from May to September). It’s also been a particular pleasure to welcome Suffolk bird experts Steve Piortrowski, and now also John Grant, to lead bird walks at Wakelyns.

Next Wakelyns Bird Walks – Spring 2022 – with John Grant

John Grant is a retired journalist. He worked for the East Anglian Daily Times for 44 years, as a reporter, a sub-editor and, for several years before his retirement, as Environment Correspondent.

A lifelong birdwatcher and conservationist, John is currently serving his second term as President of the 400-strong Suffolk Bird Group. He leads bird tours for a variety of organisations and was a volunteer at RSPB Minsmere for many years, acting as a tour guide. Having served two terms as a member of the Suffolk Ornithological Records Committee, John currently spends most of his spare time on his local patch – he lives virtually adjacent to RSPB Minsmere…a reserve on which he has seen no less than 311 species in a love affair with the site that began in 1975 and shows no sign of cooling!

Wakelyns Bird Walks

The Wakelyns Bird Walks are designed for absolute beginners to more experienced bird watchers with a focus on garden and woodland birds.  Even those that struggle to confidently separate Blue Tits from Great Tits will get much from this course. 

We will walk round explore Wakelyns’ unique agroforestry areas to highlight identification techniques that highlight bird’s behaviour, shape, plumage, songs and calls, the key to enhancing learning experiences.

The course will involve a series of complementary activities to ensure you become familiar with the identification and behaviour of birds which are seen.  These will include:

  • Watching birds from a distance in the various habitats
  • Viewing birds around Wakelyns 
  • Learning the art of Field-craft
  • Learning key visual clues to help you identify species by sight
  • Learning key songs and calls to help you identify species by sound

We will divide our time between watching and listening to birds out in the field and working indoors reviewing and revising what we have learned.  We will seek out as many species as possible to view in ‘real time’.

Each day will start at 8.00 am, to get the best of the birds, with a lunch break – with a delicious lunch from Henrietta Inman at the Wakelyns Bakery included. £50 per person, or £25 for people on low incomes. Morning coffee and lunch included.

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