Wheat, Walk, Talk ‘n’ Bake


1 July 2023    
2:00 pm - 7:00 pm


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Wakelyns, Fressingfield

Every summer, we run a course in collaboration with plant breeder, Nick Fradgley, and farmer, Heron Holmes. Sadly this year, Nick will not be with us. But Heron knows their stuff! And we will try to make up for his absence, though that’s hard as he is a very wonderful soul. We promise we’ll still have lots of fun though.

We’ll see the wheat growing beautifully in the alleys at Wakelyns soon before harvest, and learn about the critical importance of diverse, climate-resilient wheats, other cereals and food, as well as the history of wheat, how we have got to where we are – dominant monocultures – and how we can change things, from soil to seeds to slice; then Heron will explain how to grow, care for, harvest and process it, on a small-medium scale; and in the bakery we’ll learn how to bake with it, whilst learning about the difference between roller and stone-milling; using local grains and the whole grain of wheat in our bread; the sourdough process; and share our experience of building a small, human-scale, local bakery. It’s very relaxed, all whilst talking, walking and baking – inside and outside – and getting to know each other. This year’s course will be in the afternoon on Saturday 1st July.

Our plan for the afternoon –

2pm arrival, with tea, coffee and wholemeal pastries made with the YQ population wheat, and other genetically diverse wheats; introduction to the afternoon, your teachers, and we’d love to hear a bit about you too.

Then we’ll head into the bakery to mix wholemeal sourdough YQ population wheat dough; we will shape some dough that has been made earlier in the day into two tin loaves per person to take home.

Off to the wheat, growing in Willow Field at Wakelyns this year, for some walking and talking!

Back in the bakery, having just seen the wheat that makes your bread, we’ll get our tin loaves into the oven – we use a Rackmaster from Essex. Whilst they’re baking, we’ll make a simple and delicious supper of parathas, filled flatbreads, made using the same dough and vegetables from RealVeg CSA at Wakelyns.

The afternoon will finish around 7pm, saying goodbye to everyone and leaving with your warm loaves, ready for breakfast the next day.

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