Wheat, Walk, Talk ‘n’ Bake


9 July 2022    
9:00 am - 4:00 pm


Bookings closed


Wakelyns Bakery
Wakelyns, Fressingfield

We can’t wait to welcome our friends, farmer Helen Holmes, seen below, and plant breeder, Nick Fradgley, to the Wakelyns Agroforestry alleys and to our bakery again this year for, Wheat, Walk, Talk ‘n’ Bake.

The course will start at 9am, finishing around 5pm. Ticket cost includes morning elevenses, lunch and refreshments throughout the day, as well as taking home the wholegrain YQ tin loaf that you bake and all this – seeing, milling, tasting, walking, talking and learning

  • about Wakelyns Organic Agroforestry and the climate resilient YQ and Q populations wheats developed here, with a walk to the crop alleys to see the wheat growing
  • about other grains growing at Wakelyns this year – Fred Price’s   alley of his research into creating another population wheat, inspired by the YQ, using heritage grains; Nick’s Alley of Wonder Year 2 that he will tell you more about on the day
  • how to bake a sourdough and wholegrain YQ population wheat tin loaf; maintaining your sourdough starter; what the whole grain contains and why we should be eating and baking with them more; the difference between roller and stone milling
  • how to sow, grow, harvest and look after your own, diverse grains
  • about regional grain networks, the work they are doing to work towards a more just and resilient food system, and the grain network nearest to you

We’ll start in the bakery, mixing freshly milled wholegrain YQ population wheat sourdough bread dough with Henrietta and Maisie. They will explain the milling process – the difference between roller milling and stone milling – and why they love using wholegrain flours in their bakery. We’ll understand the goodness and nutrition contained in the bran and germ, which are stripped from the grain to produce starchy white flour made from the central endosperm. We’ll also learn about the process of sourdough, the numerous benefits such as flavour and health, and each guest will take home some sourdough starter as well as your own wholegrain YQ tin loaf.

We’ll then move onto a tour of the Wakelyns alleyways with Henrietta, Maisie, Helen and Nick, outlining how diverse grains such as populations, ancient varieties and everything from ryes to spelts can be grown even on a small scale for home consumption.

From sowing, looking after and harvesting your grain, preparing the starter to mixing, shaping and baking the loaves, after the class you’ll feel equipped with the information you need to continue growing grains and sourcing grains and flour and baking bread at home. We’ll also discuss the importance, joy and deliciousness of using local grown grain from a local grain network and our role as farmers, bakers and bread consumers in the transition to a regenerative farming future, supporting agroecological farms, soil health and human health.

We’re looking forward to sharing a communal day of learning, milling, baking, and breaking bread together!

This course is for everyone from those who’ve never baked before to those who are professional bakers, to those who’ve never grown grain before to those who are experienced farmers who might want to learn about growing more climate-resilient, low input cereals.



This event is fully booked.