Home Field

So-called because of its proximity to the Wakelyns Farmhouse, “home field” is between tree lines 38 and 44. Pretty much all of the trees and bushes in those tree lines produce food: apples, pears, plums, quinces, figs, apricots, and much more.

The alleys between those tree lines are their own sub-rotation within the overall Wakelyns organic rotation.

We are delighted that the RealVeg CSA crew have taken up residence between tree lines 40 and 42.

Meanwhile, having grown squash between 43 and 44 in 2020, Marion is between 38 and 39 for 2021. Her alley has been ploughed and is ready for her to plant once the weather warms up.

For more information on the apple and other trees, including Ann Wolfe’s old apple plans see here.

Here is Henrietta’s list of all the food in the tree lines in home field. And here is her apple list.

And this is all about our plums.