Sad news

Martin Wolfe    1937 – 2019

Martin died peacefully at Wakelyns, with his dog nearby, this morning. David and Amanda, Toby and his wife Fran, and all Martin’s grandchildren (Katie, Megan, Frank, Rosie and Susannah) spent time with him in his final days.

Martin first developed symptoms just 5 weeks ago, and it was only 10 days ago that we discovered that he had pancreatic cancer, which had already spread to other parts of his body and was untreatable.

Mercifully his illness was short and to a large degree free of pain, helped at the end by the attentive care of the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital, the St Elizabeth Hospice, as well as family and friends.

Because the symptoms appeared so late in the development of the cancer, he was able to lead a full and very active life until near the very end. Indeed his last talk to a group of visitors at Wakelyns was just two weeks ago, and right through his time in hospital he continued to try to convert doctors, nurses and care assistants to the benefits of agroforestry and organic farming.

David & Toby

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