Learn, Cook, Eat – Spring


18 March 2022    
5:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Bookings closed


Wakelyns Bakery
Wakelyns, Fressingfield


We’re so excited to begin our Learn, Cook, Eat evenings this year.

These are evenings of cooking all together with the local food we have all around us, and learning helpful skills to cook with the food our local producers are growing all year round, in the most exciting and delicious ways.

All of the proceeds from this spring solstice event will go to the charity, Cook For Ukraine, who work with Unicef and are helping children in Ukraine during these terrible times. Come and celebrate Ukrainian food, food culture and cook and eat with peace, love and in solidarity with Ukraine.

We know that food sovereignty and food justice are not only about everybody having access to food grown for human and planet health, but also knowing what that actually means, how and where to access that food and, once you have it, how to cook with it. If we don’t have this knowledge and vital cooking-tool at our fingertips, how can we nourish ourselves, our friends, our families, and our Earth?

These will be empowering and joyful evenings. Together we will –

  • learn cooking and baking skills and be divided into groups to cook a main course and a pudding
  • discuss and learn about what is in season at the moment and learn skills to adapt recipes to what is in season and what you have in your store cupboard and available to you
  • learn about sourcing human and planet-nourishing foods
  • lay the table and create a beautiful, convivial space together, and eat together and celebrate the meal we have all created from soil, to hands, to table

You might be learning with Maisie, seeing what is in our weekly veg share from RealVeg CSA, and chopping, mixing and cooking the main course; you could be with Henrietta, freshly milling YQ wheat grains, to make wholegrain flour, to create a flaky pastry for pudding; or you could be picking flowers and foliage for the tables.

These evenings are centred around food education and empowerment, and we hope that they will give you some skills to then return to your own kitchen and cook for yourself, your family, your friends, and your community, in the most nourishing and joyful way, for people and planet.

We know that cooking, eating and sharing food together breaks down barriers and could solve all kinds of problems that we are facing right now, and we can’t wait to explore, and hopefully make steps towards solving those problems, with you. We look forward to welcoming guests, from farmers, food revolutionaries, and great thinkers, to our evenings too.

With you cooking your own two-course supper and some kind friends offering to help, our tickets costs will allow us to pay our farmers and growers for their food/ our ingredients, and cover our bakery overheads. Therefore, these evenings are not for profit for our business in the monetary sense of this term, but we know that we, and we hope that you, will profit in many other ways.

We want to make this as accessible to as many people as possible. Therefore, there are two tickets costs below, from £6 to £30. If neither is possible for you, please email henrietta@wakelyns.co.uk and we will find a place at the table for you.

We hope that these cook-along, educational, local-produce celebrations will give us, quite literally, lots of food for thought, and help us imagine, and hopefully create, a future of villages, towns, cities that are full of cooks and bakers in every household, where our kitchens and the tables where we all eat together are important once more; we all eat three times a day, so why not! The effects would ripple out – if we, as cooks and eaters, create the demand at a grassroots level to buy food grown with care for the Earth to cook with, we imagine more and more agroecolgical retailers, cafes and bakeries, all popping up, all working directly with agroecological farms, in order to make our food production more sustainable, and our food consumption more just, and delicious!

We can’t wait to welcome to our bakery and cook and eat with you!


This event is fully booked.