Pond 56

This pond was newly created by local contractors Barry Day & Sons on behalf of the Suffolk Wildlife Trust in spring 2023.

See more information and photos here.

Unfortunately, it has never really filled up properly. We think that is partly because it does not really catch the water falling as rain from any of the surrounding land (because of the banking up around the pond) and also perhaps because it is too close too, and maybe even a bit higher than, the neighbouring ditch.

Anyway, it nonetheless provides a valuable habitat.

Around the pond we have planted a mix of plants specified (and indeed the seeds supplied from Walnes by) Eliza Leat from the RSPB:

  • Early English common vetch 26%
  • Bird’s-foot trefoil 21%
  • Early white clover 21%
  • Black medick 21%
  • Early red clover 11%

See more about our work with the RSPB Turtle Dove project here.