Drawing from nature as an opportunity for insight with Laurie Nouchka, artist and yoga teacher


28 August 2021    
10:00 am - 5:30 pm


Bookings closed


Wakelyns Bakery
Wakelyns, Fressingfield

Cy Twombly “Every line is the actual experience with its unique story”

Mountains and Sea, Helen Frankenthaler,1956 – 1959

Creation is the process of making something without knowing how it will end up. It’s going on a journey without needing to know the destination. At its best, it’s the enjoyment of creating.

Art, like planting and cooking, in its broadest term, is a process. The work of art that is actually being created is the artist itself. A process of creation and self exploration.

Join Laurie, artist and yoga teacher, for a sensorial journey inspired by nature, food and the season of summer in the outdoors at Wakelyns.

The day intends to reconnect us to the land through movement, meditation, breathing, drawing and delicious, beautful and joyful food.

Laurie will open the day with some movement, breathwork and meditation to get us out of our heads and into our bodies enabling us to access a more intuitive state as a means of creative expression and sensorial connection.

A guided walk around Wakelyns will then lead you into a process of intuitive drawing. Just like making a recipe from scratch, we will be working with the visual form through a series of playful and freeing drawing exercises. Through inks made from trees and plants on the farm, we will lay emphasis on our connection to the land through breath and felt sensation, exploring the process of moving around the paper. We will blur the hidden lines between representation and abstraction, paying attention to moments in between each breath as opposed to the image that is unfolding.

We are here to open up the whole idea of what it means to draw and ultimately, to create.

Henrietta and Maisie will then nourish us with lunch with food grown in the crop and tree alleys of the agroforestry system and directly traded from food producing friends nearby. There will be an opportunity to hear more about the ingredients, the growing and processing and how this diverse way of farming inspires not only how the bakery team work, but every part our lives. Ultimately, the creative process of baking and cooking connect us to the land, each other and ourselves. Henrietta will talk about how vital these creative connections are in the work that the bakery does, whilst also explaining its place in the wider projects at Wakelyns.

The afternoon will begin with a guided silent walk followed by more time for drawing. A way to go deeper into our connection with ourselves and nature’s abundance around us.

The day will end with more delicious tea and cake from the Wakelyns Bakery team and an opportunity for group sharing.

This workshop is open to all. No experience of drawing needed. Drawing materials provided.


Bookings are closed for this event.