Veg Boxes now available!

After coming onto the land for the first time in March this year we are proud to announce that we are ready, the veg is growing beautifully and we can now offer veg boxes! Sign up now!

Soil fertility and Couch Grass

We like to be open and honest here at RealVeg, and we’ve been making some big decisions recently…so we thought it would be good to fill you all in. Martin Wolfe made a decision back in the 90’s not to bring in any external materials onto the land at Wakelyns. …read more

Broad beans are in the ground!

Spring is here, although a little cooler than we’ve been used to these last few years I feel. We have been busy preparing our alley for the growing season ahead. At the beginning of March we were able to get on to the land after a period of dry weather. …read more


We’ve started sowing 🌱🌱🌱 As growers, its an exciting feeling! That pull of the spring energy, now that the days are lengthening, and things are (for the moment) warming up a bit outside. Frosts can come late into the next few months so, like all growers atm, we are keeping …read more


We are busy making our heated propagator for all our early seedlings, our planting schedule is ready and we plan to prepare the beds as soon as the weather allows at Wakelyns. For the moment, we will be growing our seedlings off-site in a polytunnel. All of this will enable …read more