Hazel Field

‘Hazel Field’ is the North Eastern end of Wakelyns comprising tree lines 45-56 each of which is a double line of coppiced hazels. If you look at tree line 45 you see the left hand line, which were cut back to the stool in early 2020, and the right hand line which are about 3 years’ growth. We let them grow for 7 years before coppicing.

That gives staves which are a good length and thickness (about as thick as a broom handle) for use as the supports for traditional Suffolk hedge laying. Selling ‘sticks’ is one of the most profitable bits of the farming! The leftovers are then piled up and left to dry for a year (have a look between tree lines 37 and 38 for the pile from last year) before being chipped for fuel for our boiler.

At the moment, the alleys in hazel field are all in their ley phase of the organic rotation.

At the southern end of tree line 56, Fay (The Woodland Haberdasher) has planted a woad patch. Bring on the blue dye!

Here’s stuff about the coppicing of willow and hazel at Wakelyns.