We are delighted to be helping with a trial UK first (apparently!) – growing peanuts in our agroforestry alleys here at Wakelyns in 2022. It’s all in the capable hands of Jannine Parry, who is also in charge of squash here this year. And all part of a collaboration with Hodmedod’s, Pip and Nut and Soil Heroes.

Josiah Meldrum from Hodmedod said this:

“Hodmedod having always liked the idea of growing peanuts, that we’d done a fair bit of the research – after all, they’re another fantastic legume – but that the impetus to get on and have a go at growing them came through conversations with Soil Heroes, Pip & Nut and support from Wakelyns and Jannine.

Here they are, initially in the greenhouse, then in the field and latterly beginning to flower!