Mike Stringer

As part of our YQ’s coming home project – as here, Mike loaned us back some YQ. His is different because he has grown it as a spring wheat. Does that make a difference?

Mike wrote this for us:

We first tried some YQ in 2020. We planted it in February just on a small field end. The wheat that we grow for our small mill has all been spring wheat for the last few years. It seemed to do quite well so we did it the second year as well. Unfortunately last year planting got a bit delayed and it didn’t go in until mid March which with the dry weather didn’t really suit it. The yield was small and some plants hardly got ready for harvest and there was quite a bit of ergot. I will get it properly cleaned as it does make good bread. We have not got any YQ in the ground at the moment but if we can clean the sample we have well enough we may put some in again this autumn. The seed that we sent to you was from harvest 21.

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