What we do and why

‘The destiny of humans cannot be separated from the destiny of earth,’ Thomas Berry.

What? We bake and we cook using all of the beautiful and diverse food from the crop and tree alleys of our agroforestry farm, demonstrating how truly productive and flavourful a small plot of land can be. We are also happy to be part of a small local grain and food network, sourcing other ingredients from nearby farmers and producers. We supply local businesses with our bread and work with the local community through selling our food at markets and on and off-farm events

Why? We want to enable more food produced locally to be consumed locally and help to build a stronger, more secure, sustainable, ecological, fun, flourishing and fulfilling, human-scale food and farming system.

We believe in the value, beyond monetary, that these systems can bring – food sovereignty and security; job satisfaction; food culture, identity and belonging; community and connections to our Earth and ourselves; Earth health and physical and mental human health and happiness.

Real food can and will heal us and our Earth.

We hope that when you visit and eat our food that it uplifts and inspires you. If you can, stay and eat it on the farm too, something quite magical happens!

Connection is the first act of acknowledgement, accountability and responsibilty. It offers, whether fleeting or long-lasting, a closeness to all others. It is jubilant. Ecstatic. Without fear.’ Kae Tempest, On Connection.

‘Food is the currency of life.’ Vandana Shiva.