How we bake

Our bread is naturally leavened – sourdough. It is fermented at ambient temperature, without the need of fridges, for at least twenty hours. Naturally leavened bread is good for our guts and overall health. It increases the nutrients available as well as creates very flavourful loaves. With this long process, we use wholegrain flours, bursting with goodness of flavour and nutrition too. The organic YQ and Q population wheats are the main flours we use, grown and milled on the farm. We love them: their feel, softness, flavour and everything that they stand for. This year we are growing more populations, mixtures, some old and modern wheats, purple naked spelt and barley. We can’t wait to bake with them and tell you more about them.

To our wholegrain flour we add water, salt, time and love.

Wheat is the most widely grown crop on our planet covering 218 million hectares of earth’s surface, forming the base of most of our diets. If we are eating so much of it, we need to make sure it’s doing us good. Ours comes from the farm’s organic soil, our diverse and climate-resilient population wheats and our own mill. We treat it like fresh, real food because that is what it is.We only process it into a wholegrain flour soon before we want to bake with it, guaranteeing maximum flavour and nutrition for you.

We bake our bread in a kindly donated second-hand wood-fired oven from a local man called Martin. We use the willow and hazel coppice as well as other wood from the farm. We also have an electric oven which runs off the solar energy panels next to the bakery. As well as diverse agriculture and food production, the farm is a model of circular and sustainable materials and energy production, and we make use of the whole system in our bakery and kitchen.

We bake and cook everything from scratch. We use all of the the crops in the organic rotation from the population wheats to the lentils, as well as the fruit and nuts from the trees. The beautiful diversity of the agroforestry system inspires us! There is no need to manipulate nature or source ingredients from afar, what we have around us is plenty and abundant.

From the soil to your slice of bread, when you buy and eat our bread you are engaging in the regenerative cycle of the farm’s closed-loop agriculture, food, materials and energy production system and becoming part of a local food community.