Where to buy our bread

We sell our 100% wholemeal local loaves in lots of ways!

You can buy them from shops in Suffolk and one in Essex; sign up to our bread subscription; or, if you are further away, you can get it delivered to you through our friends, Hodmedod’s.

We also open up our bakery and sell our bread during farm open days, as well as delicious meals, cake, tarts and much more, with the wonderful, colourful produce from Wakelyns.

Please note that we are not open to the public like your usual bakery. The best time to visit us, buy our bread and if you’d like to, learn more about how we work, is at one of our open days (above) or on a course at Wakelyns. We bake all of our bread to order so if you are coming on a course and would like to order a loaf to take home with you, please do get in touch. Thank you!