Community supported harvesting

We look forward to celebrating the harvests every year. From July when the cherries arrive, through to the last apples at the end of November, with plums, pears, sea buckthorn and quince in between. We rely on the help and support of volunteers who come and assist us and share days outside surrounded by trees, bees and flowers! Everybody is welcome.

Our harvest days are mostly on Fridays or Saturdays, after our Tuesday to Thursday of baking. The general schedule for the day is a 10am start, harvesting until around 1pm, with elevenses provided by the bakery, with soft drinks, tea, coffee and cake at 11am. If we’ve split up our group for harvesting in different parts of the agroforestry, we come back together for lunch. We ask that you bring a packed lunch and we provide bread and butter, drinks and a pudding. We’ll then do a few more hours and come back to the bakery in the late afternoon to weigh the harvest for our records and get it all well stored and organised, ready for processing. We welcome you to take some of the harvest home with you to eat, cook and bake with. Take home a loaf too, just let us know before you come.

We will announce our 2023 harvest dates as the produce beings to arrive and ripen. Please keep an eye on this page and our social media for harvesting dates. Thank you so much.