Our Values

Wakelyns Bakery Values of practise

Hello. Welcome to our bakery

This is a place of contentment in the stillness and simplicity of the present moment; mindfulness and awareness; love, kindness and care and the acknowledgement of the interconnectedness of all Beings; generosity and reciprocity; truth and truthful communication; right livelihood

It is a place of opening hearts, to ourselves and all Beings; opening minds, to being receptive to learning and growing; opening bodies, to our ourselves, our senses, and all Beings; integration of heart-mind-body, and moving inwards in order to move outwards, with healing and hope; connection and community; belonging

efficient systems and practical action

embracing the 10 principles of agroecology –

human and social values; culture and food traditions; circular and solidarity economy; efficiency; recycling; diversity; resilience; responsible governance; co-creation of knowledge; synergies;

and co-operation and reparative justice        

work and rest

peace and power



perfect imperfection                                   

all of the arts, baking and cooking with what is around us,

dancing, singing, poetry-making, whatever your art may be…

slowing down – less is more

joy and no judgement                                                               

alive, delicious, non-uniform food

health and happiness                                                            

beauty and abundance                                           

creativity and imagination             

celebration, ceremony and ritual               

understanding the value of meaning and purpose in our work, from material to spiritual

grace, gratitude and appreciation                                                                                           sensitivity and strength                                                                        

collaboration and sharing                                                        

openness and transparency                                                

reflection and patience                                                             

trusting in the process                         

learning in every moment, there are no mistakes, and nothing is a problem

accepting, allowing and letting go                                        

joyful energy and transforming energy                            

conversation, discussion, harmony

giving and forgiving                                                

flexibility and freedom                                                             

fun and playfulness, smiling and laughter       

We welcome you to be you here, your true self, here and everywhere, in every moment

Our values, which we endeavour to embody through our daily practise, are greatly inspired by Buddhism and agroecology, both of which we feel are rooted in Nature’s teachings and an acknowledgement that the natural mindset of humankind is love, compassion and a sense of oneness. We must just trust ourselves and our hearts.

LATIN – cor – heart — OLD FRENCH – corage — courage – MIDDLE ENGLISH

Through incorporating these values into action, we deeply hope that along with others, we can be a part of creating a food and farming system grounded in justice and sovereignty, which in consequence, heals our Earth – that which we are all part of – and gives rise to convivial and flourishing societies, and a more equal, moral, joyful, kind and loving world.

In love, kindness, and solidarity,


Founder, Wakelyns Bakery

‘We use words to get free from words, until we reach the pure wordless essence’, Buddha

Our values and this piece of writing are a work in process, like all of life, and often added to and amended.

With thanks for your constant compassion, openness and inspiration to Colin Tudge and your book, THE GREAT RE-THINK, A 21st Century Renaissance, and website colintudge.com; the Landworkers’ Alliance; The Gaia Foundation; Ipswich Buddhist Centre; Laurie Nouchka; and the UK Grain Lab community.