Mail order via Hodmedod’s

If you live a bit further away from the shops selling our bread or Suffolk, you can get it delivered through Hodmedod’s to your doorstep here.

A little bit more about our friendship with Hodmedod’s and our range of breads we bake for them, and you –

Wakelyns has been collaborating with the grain and pulse pioneers, Hodmedod’s for many years. We are delighted and very grateful to continue this long-standing relationship in our bakery.

We use many flavourful ingredients from Hodmedod’s in our bakery. A proportion of the grains that we use in our bread from Turners of Bytham, are also stoneground there on their New American Stone Mill. Lindsay, Anna and Joe mill them fresh at the beginning of each week. Then co-founders Josiah or Nick deliver the fresh flour to the bakery, whilst also picking up our loaves for the week that are sold through their website. We really love and appreciate this direct link to our millers and farmers. It enables us to have conversations about the grains, how they are milling, how the weather could have affected them, for example, get to know our ingredients better and therefore, handle them with more awareness; and hopefully bake the most delicious loaves we can with them!

Do click through to the links below to try our bread by post!

Wakelyns wholemeal sourdough tin loaf

Wakelyns wholemeal seeded sourdough tin loaf

Wakelyns wholemeal rye sourdough tin loaf

We also sell our wholemeal YQ sourdough starter with Hodmedod’s, so you can bake your own wholemeal loaves at home. The starter arrives with a recipe for a tin loaf and a maintenance guide. If you buy it, THANK YOU! And why not also get some wonderful wholemeal, fresh YQ flour whilst you’re at it, for the whole experience!