F A Qs

-What do I get as a CSA member?

A ‘farm experience’ with local, fresh organic veg, as well as being part of a community with us and other members, to create new friendships, learn more alongside the paid growers, an annual opportunity to request what we grow as a community and to voice your thoughts on any improvements or the future direction of the CSA.

-What is expected of me as a CSA member?

Weekly collection of your veg box from Wakelyns farm (alternative drop points may become available as we develop through the year, if required by members.)

Attendance at the annual AGM (November).

All members are encouraged (but not required) to come and work the land with us. The concept of CSA is for there to be collaboration between the growers and members so that members can have a fuller relationship with the food they eat.

We want this CSA to be educative, fun, social and empowering, and of course there will be a little work 🙂 We would like members to come and work with us as much or as little as you like and we will of course aim to fit the work to your needs.

If you don’t want to come and work on the farm or can’t, that’s okay too. You can just come and pick up your veg box each week and say hello 🙂

We will plan mass planting days and have regular harvest days where we will send emails out to rally as many members as possible (COVID restrictions allowing).

And to bear in mind that our need for help will vary throughout the growing season.

-What might the work involve?

We are a no dig farm so no digging please! – the only time spades will be involved is when we put compost on the veg beds.
Other jobs will be weeding with hoes and wheel hoes, mowing the grass paths, harvesting veg, planting veg, sowing seeds, making up weekly veg boxes for members, tilling beds with rakes, aerating the soil with broadforks etc…

-What if I want a veg box but don’t have the time to help?

No problem, that’s ok, doing the farm work is not a necessity for members. As long as you are able to come pick up your box or have a friend do so you’ll get your veg.

-What is no-dig?

No-dig is simple; you just don’t dig, you don’t turn the soil, you don’t disturb the soil flora and fauna, you don’t dig in mulch materials. We do cultivate the soil using hoes but we leave the worms to pull down organic materials once we’ve spread compost out with rakes (top-dressing).
Digging soil became common as gardeners copied commerical agricultural practices. Ploughing is an easy way to deal with large fields but is not necessary on a small scale.
“No-dig leaves soil undisturbed, and you feed the masses of soil life with organic matter on the surface, as happens in nature, to maintain drainage and aeration.” Charles Dowding.
No-dig also leaves weed seeds in the ground instead of bringing them up to the surface and most importantly by not digging we leave the mycorrhizal fungi intact. These fungi are nature’s underground communication network, with science only now beginning to understand the importance of mycorrhizal communities.

– Membership options:

Take a look at our Membership page.

Trial membership runs for 4 weeks only and gives you the opportunity to try us before making a larger financial commitment. If you love what you receive in those weeks then we ask you to go on to join up as a rest of year member. If you can’t do this for financial reasons please contact us and we will see what we can do to help.

Rest of year membership is set up so you can join at any time and make a commitment to our project by paying for the remainder of the year up front.

Supporter member is for those of you who do not need any veg but would like to support our CSA project.

-Is there wheelchair access?

From the rains in September through to the dry weather in the spring the site is muddy. Wheelchairs would need to pass over rough grass to access the various parts of the food garden. There are no smooth laid pathways.

-What is the price of a veg box?

As this is our first growing season we are offering just one veg box. It will contain a mixture of the freshest, organic veg grown at Wakelyns.

We are discounting our box this year as we recognise you are probably used to a bit of choice when it comes to veg buying.

We really want to keep things as simple as we can this year whilst we establish all our systems and because of that we are only offering one size box and offering a discounted price of £9 a week.

In our second year, if there is demand we will look to offer further sizes and prices of boxes.

-What do I get in a veg box?

Super fresh, seasonal, organic, zero food miles veg. Does it get any better!

Everything in the veg box will be grown at Wakelyns by RealVeg in the Agroforestry alleys.

-Can I choose what goes in my box?

In order to produce beautiful veg for you we need to keep our admin to a minimum and so at this stage we unfortunately can’t offer choice in what you receive each week.
However we want you to be happy with our boxes and we will put lots of different veg in each week.
We will provide a swap box for those of you who can collect and wish to swap something out for something in the swap box.

-How often can I get a veg box?

Once a week, or once a fortnight

-Do you deliver my veg box?

All veg boxes are to be collected from Wakelyns in Suffolk. We recommend you collect too because you get to see us and go for a walk around the beautiful headlands of Wakelyns and you get to collect some lovely super special bread from the bakery and browse wonderful artisan crafts from Faye

Local drop off points can be arranged if there is demand from our members

-Can I pause my veg box if I go away?

As a CSA we are a little different to other veg box companies. We ask our members to commit to supporting the growers and this means committing to a financial investment so that the growers can keep growing the lovely veg for you. It’s a bit like planting a seed, you need to regularly water it and re-pot it to have the seed grow into a beautiful flower.
We understand how we are all used to the convenience of supermarkets, of being able to show up at nearly anytime of the day and get fruit and veg in and out of season throughout the year.

With a CSA we want our members to gain a fuller understanding of what it takes to grow good, tasty, organic veg in a sustainable way for the growers. So, in essence, it is better if you can organise for it to go to a friend rather than be paused.

-How can I cancel my veg box?

Send us an email at realveg@wakelyns.co.uk

-If I help out 4hrs a week do I pay less for my box?

No. We welcome all members who would like to get involved and encourage all members to get involved.
We believe you will enjoy your veg so much more if you personally helped to grow it and formed friendships with those who have been there nurturing it into fruition too! We want you to help out because you choose to support those that grow the food you eat and gain an experience from it.

-How do I help?

We plan to have several work sessions weekly where members will be welcome to come along and work alongside Chloe and/or Holly on the land. On box collection day work emphasis will be on harvesting and packaging produce so your veg will be as fresh as you can get it!
On other days of the week activities will range from mowing, weeding, working the compost, planting etc. 
Always check the weather forecast before you come and dress appropriately.

-When I come and help, what facilities are there?

Wakelyns has toilets and hand washing facilities available; we will provide a sheltered area to sit and rest and have a cuppa. On some days onsite chef Henrietta will be at the farm cafe, where you can purchase snacks, Wakelyns produce and maybe even a warm lunch.

-Do I need to bring my own tools?

All the necessary tools will be provided.

-What footwear should I bring?

Sturdy shoes or boots that you don’t mind getting muddy or dirty.

Is there anything else we should know about RealVeg?

We plan to take an 8-week break over the depths of winter as no-one wants to work all the time and it’s when we do all our planning for the following year! Thus boxes will only be available 46 weeks a year.