CSA Membership

As a CSA we are different to standard veg boxes.

Become a member and support what we do.
  • Support locally grown veg.
  • Support Organic farming.
  • Support the growers.
  • Join in, volunteer with us
  • Create community
To support us we have a couple of options:
RealVeg CSA Supporter member £25 a year  
This is for those of you who believe in what we do, and just want to add a little financial support. In return for your generosity you will receive quarterly newsletters, keeping you up to date on RealVegs progress, and we will hold two events which all our members will be invited to through out the year. The events will involve good food and good fun! (For the first growing season we will run one event and have one newsletter)
RealVeg Trial 4 week veg share £36 for the month 
This is for those of you who would like to experience our veg for 4 weeks at any time before committing to a 'rest of the year' membership.
RealVeg Rest of the year membership 
This is what being a part of a CSA model is all about. Support the growers financially with a commitment. A commitment to be with them throughout the year - through thick and thin, through abundance and the lean times. It's believing in what we do. Thank you :)

This year only: 1 size veg share @ £9/wk

For this year only we are offering our organic veg shares at a super discounted rate at only £9 a week. We are still setting up and so we don’t have the full array that we will have next year. However the veg will still be super fresh, super nutritious and completely organic and mostly harvested on the day of collection and we feel it is an absolute bargain.

We are only offering one size veg share in our first growing season which will be full of the freshest, seasonal veg all grown at Wakelyns:

Each week the veg share will contain 6-10 items. This number reflects the bountiful seasons with the less bountiful times as we head into Nov and December. “Items” are for example 3 parsnips; a 150g bag of mixed salad leaves; 2 leeks; typical veg share from the seasonal selection of Organic veggies that we’ve been growing between the tree alleys at Wakelyns agroforestry farm.

Veg shares are running this year, 2021 from Mid July to the end of March 2022 with the new season’s membership starting at the beginning of June 2022 (this means there will be no veg shares for the months of April and May).

If you collect from us we will have a swap box available for anyone who fancies swapping veg if you’re super keen on courgettes but don’t want runnerbeans for example – if it’s in the swap box then you can swap.

We encourage you to come to the farm and collect your veg – we want you to come and see where the veg is being grown. We encourage you to get involved, come and volunteer, grow with us.

We are now offering pick ups from collection points within a 6 mile radius.

We know you probably have questions, we’ve tried to answer as many as we can in our FAQs page, please do look. And contact us if there’s something we haven’t covered.