Compost creation is an important element to our growing system. We have a 3 bay system in front of you. Once the first bay is full it gets turned to the second bay and then turned into the third.

We also have our new Jora, hand cracked, insulated composter – made in Sweden and funded by the National Lottery from a grant we recieved. The Jora, due to its insulation will produce compost faster than the three bay system. We are very excited to get this up and running having only constructed it in May.

We add woodchip, veg cuttings, weeds and sheeps wool in our compost system. Sheeps wool is a great soil conditioner.

You may have noticed sheeps wool dotted around our growing areas. We have found sheeps wool to help deter slugs. They don’t like crawling over it for one but also the smell of sheeps wool is quite strong and we think this masks the scent of the plants they are after too.

The wool comes from our friends in Norfolk who have Norfolk Long Horn sheep when they are sheared.