Plastic vs Paper

In these times of ecological awareness plastic has become a big threat to our planet namely because it takes forever to breakdown and it uses fossil fuels, which are enormously polluting, to create it.

As growers of Organic Vegetables we have a constant dilema in our use of plastic.

In order to keep the leafy greens that go into your shares looking their best when they reach you we need to stop them from dehydrating. The only way we can do this is by using plastic.

So we researched and found a some bags that are not made from fossil fuels but made from sugar cane and a small amount of recycled plastic.

Sugar cane grown in Brazil – they are one of the largest exporters of sugar.

The life cycle of the bags we use begins at a sugarcane plantation in Brazil.
The land used for the creation of the plastic bags does not involve deforestation and the company are checked every 2 years to confirm their green credentials.

The sugarcane is harvested and transported by trucks to mills where it is crushed to
produce both sugar and ethanol.
During some of the processing steam is created which supplies the mill’s need for heat and electricity. The surplus electricity is sold to the Brazilian grid.

The ethanol is then dehydrated to produce ethylene.
Ethylene is then polymerized, from this plastic bags are made.

They are fully recyclable. And Carbon neutral as verified by the Carbon Trust.

We hope you can appreciate that we have done our research and have found the best solution presently available to keep your veg looking its best.

Please look after your bag, reuse it as much as you can and then recycle it with carrier bags at supermarkets.