About us

Chloe and Holly

Chloe Tatum (Lead Grower)

Ever since I can remember some of my happiest times have been when my hands and feet are in the dirt!

I completed an Environmental Science degree in my early twenties and went on to become a professional gardener, working for various private gardens for over 12 years. I have never used synthetic chemicals in my work, and try as best I can to be a guardian of our soils with the aim to always improve biodiversity above and below the ground.

I have lived in a community in West Wales, which aimed to be as self-sufficient as possible in energy and food. I learnt a lot about growing fruit and veg there and became one of the main growers supplying food for 10-20 people a week throughout the year.

I love eating good, ethical, organic food and am super excited to be starting this project alongside my partner Rachel, and good friend of many years, Holly.

Rachel Perry (Sidekick extraordinaire)

Healthy food is a passion of mine. Increasingly my interest has focussed on what it means to relocalise our food system and what part I might play in that.

In recent years I’ve been a gardener and now, with the RealVeg CSA, I’m looking forward to putting my energies into something I really believe in – growing organic food together as a community. I’ve been wanting to get back to working with others which is something I’ve done a lot of in my past. I love the CSA model, it seems to encapsulate so much of what is needed at the current time.

Holly Gregson (Lead Grower)
An organic food grower and advocate, and practicing Medical Herbalist by apprenticeship. See www.empoweredflowers.com for details about my practice, based in Burston, South Norfolk.  

I love working alongside others, while building ethical alternatives to mainstream culture, and am excited to deepen my understanding and practice of Permaculture.
Over the last 12 years I’ve moved from project to project in the UK, Central Europe, Canada and South America, focused on studying medicinal herbs, small-scale food production, and various land stewardship practices. It’s time to distill all of that into a community project. A part of my longer-term vision for this CSA is developing a Community Supported Herbalism (CSH) wing of the project after the few initial set-up years. I envision this as regular educative medicine-making meet-ups, with our produce (creams/balms/tinctures/tea mixes/salves etc) being offered to CSA members, and thus going into our veg shares.