PYO Workshops

Whether you’re visiting just for the day or coming to stay at Wakelyns for a relaxing break why not take advantage of the wonderful surroundings and natural resources of the farm and take the time to let your creativity flow with some of the exciting activities on offer below.

Workshops can be tailor made for you, your friends or groups. They can be as full on or as relaxed as you’d like. There is also the option to add on lunch or refreshments fresh from Henrietta’s onsite bakery

If you fancy something more of a take-away option, to do at your leisure, there are spoon sanding or braiding wheel kits also available.

Workshop Menu

Hedgerow Dyeing – natural plant dyes – Learn about plants and the colours they give. Dye yarn and fabric or give old things a new lease of life. Can be themed such as ‘Orchard Dyes’ or ‘Shades of Yellow’ or more general. Suitable for quick activities or as long as 2 day sessions.

Spoon / Butterknife Carving Using simple hand tools to carve spoons and butterknives, typically 1.5 – 3 hours for up to 5 people. Seasonally dependant.

Introduction to Green Woodworking – More in depth look at working with green wood. Suitable for 1 to 1 or 2 to 1. Use a range of woods, tools and the shave horses to create some lovely wooden pieces. Typically 3-5 hrs, seasonally dependant.

Wooden Haberdashery – Make your own tools and finishing touches including wooden buttons, toggles, beads, pendants, crochet hooks, lucettes, braiding wheels.

Wild Haberdashery – Making artists charcoal from willow, birch tar /glue. Seasonally dependant.

Fibrecraft – Making natural cordage from plants, hand spinning local sheep fleece, braid making.

Free Flow Creating – Have at your disposal the whole of The Woodland Haberdasher’s knowledge, tools and materials to help you experiment and explore your creative side. From carving small sculptures in wood or chalk to dyeing your own yarn and weaving it to make a masterpiece, the only limit is your imagination.

For more information or to book a workshop please use the contact details box