Woad Club – Naked Woad

7 July 2022
1:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Explore the wonderful world of woad, where we’ll be appreciating all the things about this special blue producing plant. (Naked woad means we’re just focussing on producing some lovely blues, not anything else!)

We’ll be using leaves grown on the farm to make a chemical dye vat (whilst discussing about more traditional methods) which will allow us to dye some yarn and possibly small fabric swatches a whole interesting variety of blue shades, from a rich mid blue to a paler, more deilicate ‘celestial’ blue. While the vats do their thing we’ll talk about lots of variables and how they can affect the outcome.  Tea and a Wakelyns bakery sweet treat is included, as are all the materials.

It may be possible to dye something small of your own on the day but it will depend on the woad crop, what everyone else brings and the size of the class. Do bring it along but extra dunking at the Haberdasher’s discretion!