Woad Club – Mordants and Modifiers

31 August 2022
1:00 pm - 4:30 pm

In this session we’ll be making the standard woad vat as before but while we’re waiting at for the vat to do it’s thing we will treat our sample yarns with a selection of pre-mordants. Yarns will then enter the vat as usual but after they are oxidized we should then see a range of colour variations due to the differnt properties of the mordants. We will also modify one or two skeins afterwards to see how this affects the colour.

Tea and a Wakelyns bakery sweet treat is included, as are all the materials.

It may be possible to dye something small of your own on the day but it will depend on the woad crop, what everyone else brings and the size of the class. Do bring it along but extra dunking at the Haberdasher’s discretion!