What is a bread club?

What is a subscription?

We use a subscription model to sell our bread, or we like to call it our ‘bread club’, something we are all part of together. We do this so you can pay in advance, guaranteeing you flavourful and nourishing bread every week, a little bit like a vegetable box scheme.

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Why a subscription?

You can be part of our bread club, help our business grow and invest in a fairer, stronger, food and land use system. IT’S DELICIOUS AND IT’S FUN!
We believe that real bread, like all real food, should be available to everyone. We hope that a subscription model puts the power back into your hands – you can factor it into your weekly food shop, ensuring you are feeding yourself well, whilst maintaining the health of our biosphere
Through subscribing, you are food secure, committing to healthy, wholegrain, organic bread with no additives, just flour, water and salt. YUM!
To ensure no waste and that we are using our resources – wood, solar power, human power, food and agriculture – as efficiently as possible
You become part of a small, resilient and local grain and food network which values human physical and mental health and happiness, builds community and gives back to the local economy
You are buying a share of the harvest, getting to know Wakelyns, the soil, the grains and us; how we bake, our craft and our ingredients. We see you as friends, humans and eaters, not consumers and hope that you value knowing #WhoBakedYourBread.
We believe in a circular and solidarity economy that reconnects producers and eaters to provide innovative solutions for living within our planetary boundaries while ensuring the social foundation for inclusive and sustainable development. This is part of the 10 Elements of Agroecology which you can read more about here.