Wakelyns Bakery Garden

Here’s our bakery herb and flower garden.

It’s efficient, inspiring and delicious to have our herb garden right outside the bakery, mirroring permaculture principles which prioritise food to be grown closest to the house. Whilst we cook and bake, we come outside, see what’s growing, smell, touch, reflect, and then add it to our dishes. Fresh and vibrant, herbs have the ability to lift up a dish; to transport us to a foreign country; to heal us; to bring back memories, and much more. They are an integral part of our work and we love them.

Do have a wander, being caferful not to tread on any precious, flavoursome leaves please 🙂

At the moment – April 2023 – you’ll find curly and flat leaf parsley, chives, and thyme; soon the mint will be romping along too. We can’t wait for our rose and irises to bloom, and to sow more seeds for the year.